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Next Generation Best Place to Work

On Thursday, February 23, 2017 we were honored and humbled to receive the Current Young Professionals award for Next Generation Best Place to Work.  The award was one of three announced during the annual Future 15 & Young Professionals Awards ceremony.  Performa was nominated by a structural engineer, Meghan Scanlan.  Her submission provided answers to five questions that spoke to community service, work-life balance, generational diversity, attraction and retention initiatives, and talent management. Here are some highlights from her entry:

Our company’s community involvement is unique in that it actually stems from the employees of our company. All of our employees are highly motivated individuals and many volunteer with and/or hold volunteer leadership positions in key organizations…My employer encourages employees to pursue volunteering for organizations that interest them by giving them the flexibility to attend events and meetings during work hours.

As long as the employee’s work commitments are met, our company is an understanding and flexible workplace. We also have a very open employee review process that looks at an employee’s overall happiness and not just their work performance in order to try to improve not only their career, but their life satisfaction.

Our company has a very collaborative work environment, and that starts on day one with the seating chart and open work spaces. Our company encourages collaboration on all of its fronts (from employees to clients) which makes asking for advice and assistance a very easy and comfortable task. Our range of ages also provides unique opportunities to combine new and old architectural practices to present to our clients, giving them fully-explored and cohesive packages.

There is an open door policy to middle and high school as well as college students that want to know more about the day-to-day operation of an architecture and engineering company. Our employees are always willing to give up a little time to help the younger generation figure out if architecture and engineering is really what they would like to pursue. Each new employee receives a welcome breakfast on their first day at Performa where they share some things about themselves as well as learn a little bit about every employee in a fun group setting. Performa also offers free snacks and beverages on a daily basis, free on-site lunch and learns, Halloween parties, potluck “tailgating” and monthly Friday Afternoon Live meetings.

Our company has an extremely extensive and thorough hiring procedure to make sure that the individual being hired not only fits by technical skills, but is also a great cultural fit with the rest of the company. Performa provides opportunities for advancement as well as many opportunities to diversify an individual’s job to hone in on the individual’s passions and talents and help them make the most of their career. There are countless examples here of individuals stepping up to take on tasks outside of their “specialty” which is a great benefit as it strengthens both the employee and the company as a whole. Another retention technique our company uses is having open and valuable employee reviews that include the employee’s aspiration beyond day-to-day activities.

We could not be prouder or more humbled to have our employees believe in who we are and what we do at Performa.

Learn more about the award and event on the Greater Green Bay Chambers site, in the Green Bay Press-Gazette article and in our 2017 Next Generation Award.

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