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Workplace Enviroments

The workplace environment has a tremendous impact on corporate success, typically measured by productivity, and studies indicate that the most significant influences on productivity are employee engagement and collaboration as well as corporate culture, innovation and communication.   How well the environment supports these factors correlates to the quality of work and ultimately productivity.  Creating a physical environment that aligns with the corporate culture, appropriate levels of engagement, collaboration, innovation, and communication are essential and what we do at Performa.


Skyward’s workplace design is a direct translation of improving people’s ability to focus (heads down work) with a desire to tap into more team dynamics. The result is a workplace that aligns process, culture, and policy management while creating central hubs of chance encounters and group work. This supercharged organizational mashup extends the second floor hub visually into the first floor visitor lobby. See and learn more in our Skyward Feature.


This reception deskless lobby creates a relationship centric greeting of customers. Branding, culture, history and function blend into a relaxed formally informal workplace where employees take ownership for guiding the company forward. See more of this space in the Expera Feature.

Festival Foods

Festival Foods brand revolves around bringing people back. This boomerang idea is the organizing principal in the headquarters. Spaces that enable collaboration, internally and with vendors. Amenity spaces inside and out that double as backdrop spaces for content generated for the retail stores and the website. The branding translated into the space: fresh, colorful, relevant and bold. See more of this collaborate space in this Festival Foods Feature.


The workplace is an investment in the people of the company. It is a place people want to be, a place that helps people to do the best work of their career.


The space concept flips the business to a new approach of the brand: a space to tell the subliminally.

Nicolet National Bank

The client’s brand is timeliness, prominent, welcoming, personal, and secure yet open. A workplace and building that serves as the downtown’s steadfast anchor.

St. Norbert College

People-centric, activity-based space designed to create a sense of belonging.


An office that encourages working, playing and winning together.

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