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Workplace Environments – Expera Feature

Expera’s space showcases the rich history of the company by integrating historical images, artifacts, new innovate products, and by respecting the existing form of the original facility. The neutral tones, natural materials and lighting capture the beauty of the original architecture and are enhanced by the adjacent natural resource – the Fox River. The interior environment was designed to be modest and timeless while enhancing collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. Providing multiple workplace solutions in both quiet and active work zones provide a flexible open office environment.

Historic manufacturing facility converted to corporate office space and public library.

The lobby provides access to meeting areas, employee workspaces and provides ample space for company-wide meetings on site.

Open space and large structures provide connections and provide visual access to the outdoor environment. Natural materials and historic imagery enhance the beauty of the exposed wood structure.

Workspaces are transparent and positioned near the exterior of the building for maximum daylight.

The transformed conference room features the iconic window of the original building, a reclaimed wood ceiling cloud, and oversized sliding barn doors.

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