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Workplace Environments – Skyward Feature

Faced with the challenge of rapid growth Skyward needed more than a facility that houses employees, they needed a way to recruit and retain young software programmers to central Wisconsin and believed a new headquarters would be a catalyst to this need. They also visualized the building as a tool to facilitate their way of developing software which is highly collaborative and team-based.

Throughout the process, Skyward had in place a team of workplace champions to convey what the enhancement to their workplace would do to catapult their culture.

Lobby with access to conference rooms and waiting areas.

The interior of the facility is very open and transparent. The common core, considered the heart of the building, has three “wings” that converge into a central area that has collaboration spaces, conference rooms, food service and restrooms that encourage impromptu or informal chance encounters. Other break out areas allow employees to step away from the intense and highly-focused task of writing code at a computer all day.

The Skyward board room overlooks the site with views of the community.

Elevator lobbies are color coded per floor. Each area has collaboration space with a kitchenette.

Cafe adjacent to the training room for additional seating.

Classroom and training room.

Open view from the second floor lounge to the lobby.

Lounge area on the first floor designed for impromptu meetings.

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