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Workplace Environments – Community First Credit Union


Community First Credit Union wanted to align their new home office environment with their brand promise to put the community and its members first. That promise is clearly translated into a design that places members at the heart of all that drives the financial organization and its services.


A community space is simply a gathering space(s) that captures the essence of an organization’s culture and future vision.  It can be any type of space, such as a place to play, meet, eat, or even a connection between these spaces, either indoors or outside.  At Community First, members are encouraged to visit the building and use the space, interacting with those that have the privilege to work in it every day.  It was essential to provide an open, inclusive environment for all while maintaining the appropriate level of security to the sensitive information contained within.

The invitation to the community is evident in the building’s thoughtful connection to the city sidewalk and trail system as well as the vehicular access and ample parking.  Upon entering the front door, an intimate, light-filled two story lobby provides a welcoming first experience for guests.   The community spaces radiate out from this point throughout the first floor, similar to the way that Community First and its members influence the communities in which they serve.  These space create various opportunities for intentional and serendipitous interaction between guests and employees in passing one another, around a warm fireplace, in a formal meeting, or over coffee and a snack.

Central and transparent community meeting space.

The same access to nature on the first and second floor provides visitors to the building a luxurious and comfortable experience.

Flexible, open interior spaces are desirable from an owner and facilities perspective. When you combine flexibility, a view to the outside and an almost 100% day-lit interior something good turns into something sublime. Your body is at ease, which allows your mind to be at ease, thus improving employee satisfaction, retention, and performance.

It is proven that as little as 30 seconds with nature can reset your body: calming and comforting. By bringing nature inside, we expect to create a place to soften the blow of a long Wisconsin winter.

Welcoming, nontraditional workspaces are placed throughout the building. These spaces have visible signs of organic growth, centering on a living community.

Central and circular design are a reflection of the client’s values.

The strong sense of community, a hallmark of the Community First culture, provided the design impetus to improve workplace effectiveness and efficiencies, relationships, and community engagement that is experienced as a result.

View and learn more about Community First Credit Union’s new Home Office visit their Project Profile.

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