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More Than a Corporate Office

The number one reason that many businesses engage an architect is to help them deliver the appropriate environment to attract and retain the talent they need to succeed. Performa becomes a partner in the process of envisioning and realizing an environment that aligns with a client’s culture, history, and future vision. Designing for such an intentional outcome must focus on placemaking; creating space that supports both personalization and connection to others. This has become increasingly complex with the proliferation of digital spaces that are redefining what our physical spaces can or should be. While the virtual environment allows people to develop an expansive presence in the world, it is important that our physical environment is grounding, creating a shared sense of community, belonging, and ownership through active participation. Engagement in meaningful activities with others becomes a personal experience, fostering connections that can translate into goodwill towards the place in which it occurs and can ultimately be synonymous with the business.

At Community First Credit Union’s corporate office, called the Home Office, we produced a sequencing of spaces intended to welcome everyone and illustrate their value to the organization. The Home Office is a place of community, personalized care, education, financial literacy services, management gathering, community involvement and dining. In order to accommodate these requirements, the building and its space were designed to be practical, flexible, creative, open and adaptable, providing an environment that reflects the culture and spirit of Community First Credit Union.

The great room is used for dining, internal and external groups of varying sizes and can be turned into a place for meetings, employee engagement, or reading a book. It features 100% movable furniture, audio and visual capabilities, a fireplace, access to the servery and coffee shop, as well as direct access to the lobby and the front door. A separate bank of restrooms serves this central gathering space.

A coffee shop and dining create hospitality for employees, members and guests.

Community commitment. A person is immediately at ease with a cup of coffee or tea and a seat at the fireside.

Community engagement and meeting spaces flank the entry. When not being used internally these spaces are available for members to use for their business as well as community groups.

Community is evident in the connections to the city walks, trail connections, and the retention pond to accommodate future business development.

To see more of the new Community First Credit Union home office, view the project portfolio.

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