Approach & Process


“Our clients expect that we possess exceptional design and engineering skills combined with flawless execution as the price of entry.”

We are a design firm. Our team of professionals provides planning, architecture, engineering design and consulting. Our team facilitates collaboration and leads clients to informed decisions about their organizational, operational and functional objectives and requirements. Our advice often results in tangible savings in operating and capital costs, as well as productivity gains and improved operating efficiencies. We provide a range of knowledge-based services that help our clients understand their existing or new business, land and facility assets.

A Strategic Approach

We believe in an engaging and integrated approach to planning, design and engineering.

We developed a formalized, collaborative, action-orientated planning and design process that builds consensus among project participants and achieves solutions that align with your needs. We integrate full-service design and construction expertise into our projects to deliver skillful planning, inspired architectural design and strong engineering.


It is an art, a skill, and a conscious effort. We know that it is essential to the development of a relationship based on understanding and responding. We take time to fully understand our clients first, so as not to react. It is an inherent cultural characteristic of Performa, and we are committed to this practice. It is a dialog that is verbal, written, and visually focused on the future and includes the present. We know that it produces client relationships that develop into collaborative partnerships. We challenge our clients to consider next practices, not just best practices. It is interactive and fun. It is the translation of one language into another. We know that it happens more effectively after the relationship is well established. While our profession defines our practice, our solutions are inventive as a result of our process.


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