Corrective Maintenance Program

A properly structured corrective maintenance plan quantifies your total deferred maintenance backlog. It will systematically identify and prioritize all deferred maintenance projects. The program can be used to administrate and track corrective action. The plan will manage deferred maintenance backlog, direct the focus of capital spending, and forecast spending for current and future fiscal years. Our program generates real-time reports for senior leadership and serves as a resource to inform programmatic and strategic decisions.

  • Facility Assessments – Deferred Maintenance Audits
  • Cost Estimating / Valuation
  • Corrective Maintenance Management Tools
  • 50+ Plans in 28 States Nationally
Corrective Maintenance Program Framework
Management Tool
Ideal for Multi-Facility Assessments
Simple and Concise
Structured and RepeatableView Corrective Maintenance brochure

What is Deferred Maintenance?

  • Deferred maintenance is the renewal, replacement, and maintenance projects that have been postponed because of either insufficient funding or perceived lower-priority status than those completed with available funding.

What is Corrective Maintenance?

  • Identifying the level of effort required to restore all facilities to a condition, which can be maintained with the equivalent effort, and yielding equivalent utility as a new facility.

Performa’s Corrective Maintenance Management System Seeks to Answer:

What is the overall condition of your capital assets?

  • Facility Condition Audit (FCA)
    • Variables include: building age, utilization (customer contact hours), importance of building system being rates, current condition of the building system being rated

What facilities and systems require the most attention?

  • Comprehensive ranking and prioritization

What resources are required?

  • Detailed 5-year corrective plan
  • Total corrective backlog

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Establishing Common Terminology and Methodology
IFMA – International Facility Managers Association
BOMA – Building Owners and Managers Association
APPA – Leadership in Educational Facilities