Spring Webinar

Ensure Business Continuity with Deferred Maintenance Strategies 

Business continuity includes taking care of what you have, which may include empty or unoccupied facilities. A proactive approach to corrective maintenance can help address issues before they become maintenance emergencies 

Now more than ever, facility managers, owners and finance officers are asked to do more with less (both dollars and staff) and can easily become trapped in a reactive cycle of repair and infrastructure reinvestment, no doubt exacerbated by the current crisis. Unplanned emergencies cost more and can distract an already limited staff from performing preventative and even corrective maintenance, which in turn, increases the likelihood of emergency repairs.

Webinar topics include:

  • Maintenance risks associated with occupied and unoccupied facilities  
  • Strategies to address deferred maintenance
  • The role of facility condition assessments in corrective maintenance planning
  • How to build flywheel to advance deferred maintenance funding during a volatile economic climate and beyond

Matt Marek, PE LEED AP
VP of Capital Strategies


Hollis Linehan LEED AP
Director of Design-Build