Performa | Our Story

At Performa, we believe we exist to give purpose the space to thrive.

  • To give means to serve. To hand over to someone else your time and your talents.
  • Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created.
  • Space is the freedom to live, think, and develop in a way that suits someone or something.
  • Thrive means to flourish. It’s a verb. An action. It means to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

We give purpose the space to thrive by employing an engaging and collaborative planning and design process that builds consensus, creates momentum, and achieves solutions that advance our clients’ purpose. We call it Listen. Engage. Design

We inspire potential through integrated architecture, engineering and design. This is accomplished by linking our clients’ capital assets to their business strategy by enhancing what they already have and bringing something new to life. The result is a transformational outcome.

We define a transformational outcome as a result that elevates our clients’ purpose, produces a solution that uniquely authentic and delivers benefits they never expected.

Our clients share our story best as they have experienced what it means to partner with our team.  They have gone through our process of engagement and have been listened to. Take some time to explore who we are and the work we do. Then when you are ready, give us a call!  We look forward to meeting you.

Our People Make the Difference

We are a collaborative, hardworking and fun group of professionals that serve others.  Our team of planner, architects, engineers and designs deliver integrated projects for clients.

We invite you to meet our team online and hope to meet you in person soon. Our People.

Our Culture

Working with people and companies in value alignment to our own is imperative to a successful relationship.  Our values and mission are shared openly and evident in our culture. The Performa Values

Philosophy & History

Performa began as a small, tight-knit group of architects and engineers. In 1995, we discerned a void in our industry. We found that few of our peers were looking beyond technical expertise to connect the capital asset decisions of their clients to their business strategy. Our clients are in need of practical solutions to their business challenges. More than a “place,” they’re seeking high-performance and high-achievement environments. These are environments that truly integrate the people who live, learn or work there and the processes they experience.

Jeff Kanzelberger, Founder / Chairman

Our clients expect that we possess exceptional design and engineering skill combined with flawless execution as the price of entry.

None of our clients wake up one morning and suddenly decide to construct a building. Rather, every one of our clients is striving to advance some form of step-change in their own organizations. We need to understand the degree to which our clients are taking their own leap of faith and the risks they are confronting in doing so.

To that end, our clients expect Performa to know as much as is practical about the strategic objectives behind their capital endeavors. Only then can we also help our clients advance their organizations’ facility initiatives. For Performa, delivering on our clients’ strategic advancement is simply an imperative.

And that’s why our clients invite us back time and time again. Some for over 25 years.

—Jeff Kanzelberger, Chairman and Founder

We have found these conditions still exist today. The challenges our clients now face are even larger and more complex, which serves to further leverage our approach beyond anything we had imagined when we launched Performa. We are committed to this approach.