Performa’s approach to design has the aim of creating sites and buildings that represent a client’s mission to the public and the users while diligently and innovatively addressing the functional requirements within. Consideration of cost and schedule is always paramount as is careful attention to the needs and desires of a building’s users. Our philosophy embraces the complex challenges each project presents and then uses these to create a distinctive and relevant design.

Performa’s ultimate goal is to address the culture of a place by creating an image of the building that is unique, inside and out. We integrate building design with a larger context by considering the site as a key element in our work. We ground buildings firmly on their sites and strive to create the sense that a building belongs there.

Materiality also plays a key role in how our designs simultaneously embrace and define their sites. For each project Performa embarks on, we carefully study materials and investigate their possible modes of assembly and the effects they may have on people’s experience of the resulting architecture.

In each project, we strive for an architecture that engages the imagination and reflects the opportunities for its unique program and we believe that the culture and the mission of the client must become the springboard for creating a building that represents the values of the program it houses.

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