At Performa, we believe that the best solution to any design challenge is derived only when those that design it intimately know and understand you. This can only occur by spending time with you. To that end, we developed a process and a style known as Listen.Engage.Design.® Each step has been designed to connect with you at various levels to understand you so that your thoughts, ideas and aspirations can be translated into architecture. Performa’s style and the Listen.Engage.Design.® process have been recognized by the AIA for innovation and client engagement.

During the planning stage, effective problem solving requires numerous project participants coming together, each contributing in some fashion. The success of each project is influenced by listening and facilitating conversations and our ability to bring these diversified needs, wants and ideas together.

This approach to problem-solving enables stakeholder consensus and our integrated team and workshop techniques reinforce this philosophy.

The integrated planning team structure brings project teams together with disciplines which are usually seen later on in a project’s development, such as design, engineering, cost estimating, etc.

Most of the planning work conducted by our team is done on-site. This not only allows planners, architects and engineers to immerse themselves in our client but also allows our client to interact with our planning team on a daily basis. This strategy for planning allows us to move quite quickly and allows your team to participate and be heard before design.